Resource Links and Information

A place to find resources and links to useful and educational material. 

School Related

  1. Common Core Standards


Interactive Sites

  1. Interactive Periodic Table (Interactive and very educational)

Online Courses (Children)

    1.  eLearning For Kids (Various Courses. K-12)
    2. Hippo Campus (Various Courses. Middle School and Up.)

    Online Courses (Adults)

    Mostly for adults, but we found many of these sites have great video tutorials which children may watch and from which they may derive great value. At the very least, they can see how things are done.

    1. Udemy (Various Online Courses. Top Free Courses)
    2. Coursera (Various Online Courses)
    3. Udacity (Strong focus on Technology Courses)
    4. Khan Academy (Various Online Courses)
    5. Code Academy (Technology and Programming Courses)
    6. Code School (Technology and Programming Courses)
    7. General Assembly (Programming Courses)
    8. AdaFruit (Robotics and Electronics)