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How to Make Friends at School

Jul 08 2015

Starting a new school or being placed in a new class causes a lot of stress for our children. That stress permeates into their daily lives and their ability to learn, and to be happy at school.

Here are some helpful hints to get them on the easy road to making friends.

  • Introduce Yourself – Tell them your name and ask for theirs. Share nicknames if you have any.
  • Ask inventive questions - Remember they’ve probably heard “So what school/class are you from?” a hundred times already. Try getting a little more creative and ask things such as, "What are your favorite sports?" or "What is your favorite color?" See if you have anything in common.
  • Compliment them (but make sure you mean it) - If you compliment them too much, or compliment them on something you aren't sincere about, they'll see right through you, and you may even come across as fake.
  • Be nice – They’re probably extremely nervous. The nicer you are, the more comfortable they'll feel around you, and the sooner you can become friends.

For those who are old timers ...

  • Introduce them to your other friends and call them by their name, not as “the new kid.
  • Offer to eat lunch with them or sit next to them in class. Fill them in with what had been going on before they came, but don't gossip.
  • Give them some advice. For example, where they can find the best shade to sit, relax and cool-off; or, which water fountain works best.

Later …

  • Ask for their contact details and give them yours. You should probably do this after a couple of days/weeks, just so you don't come across as too clingy.
  • Invite them out for a weekend play-date with your other friends. Make them feel like part of your group.

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