Post Registration Welcome

Welcome to the Penngrove Elementary School (PES) Community Portal.

What's next.

  1. We  will send you an email stating we have received your registration details. The email will come from Please make sure you check your junk/spam folder and add us to your safe list.
  2. We will validate the information you've provided to make sure you are a registered parent. We will do so by validating your name and email against an existing school directory and/or we may call you and speak with you directly. Please be patient with the process.
  3. Once verified, you will be good to go, and we will send you a second email stating as much. In that email, you will also have a link to reset your password, just in case you forgot your password.

What to do when you first log in.

  1. The very first time you enter, please edit your profile. Feel free to add any information you wish to share with other parents and control what people see. For example, you may wish to edit:
    1. Your children's first name and their class (optional, this will help a great deal when searching for parents.)
    2. Your mailing address (optional.)
    3. Your picture (optional, but a good idea, so parents can put a face to a name.)
  2. ​When you login to the portal, you will always start on your own activity page (very much like a Facebook page). You can check to see if you have messages, send messages, add a status update, add friends, etc.

Finally ...

All information is secure and private. You have full control over what you share. You may change your information at anytime. You may delete your account at any time.

If you have any issues, contact us at [at] gmail [dot] com.

What can I do in the portal

  • You may participate in a forum discussion. We have a variety of topic categories and groups, and we are open to other categories that may better help the parents.
  • You may start a new discussion thread and lead a conversation.
  • You may ask and answer questions.
  • You may interact with other parents via the built in messaging system.
  • You may post items to the classifieds section (selling) or to the free-cycle section (giveaway.)
  • You may follow other parents.
  • You may offer status updates to those parents who are following you.
  • You can learn what's going on in other classes.
  • You can be more informed.
  • You can be more effective, when you offer your resources to the school.