About Us

The Penngrove Elementary School (PES) Community Portal was designed and created by a group of parents with three things in mind:

To Know More,
To Share Seamlessly, and
To Help More Effectively

Our goals are simple. We wish to build a more cohesive, inclusive and involved parent community. With time and resources being so limited, in contrast to how important our children are, we wish to make the most of what we have and give. We want to be consequential. We want to make a difference.

Site Features

  • An Active Blog - For all to read and open to parent authors.
  • An Active Forum - For registered parents to collaborate, discuss and share all manner of ideas, thoughts and projects. The forum also supports the placement of Classifieds and Free-Cycles.
  • An Active Question and Answer Area - For registered parents to ask and answer high value question, with the ability up or down vote questions and answers.
  • Communications Management - For registered parents to help find other parents and to communicate safely amongst themselves, in a place designed just for them. No bulk collection of data. No advertizing. No long term archiving of what is being said or discussed.

  • Survey Platform - For registered parents to anonymously participate in surveys and to see the results immediately.
  • Resource Links - For all to read and open to parents offering links and sites that are helpful to others.
  • And Much more ...


  • Who Can Join? Any parent or guardian of an existing registered child as well as faculty and staff.
  • Why not let me in as soon as I register? We need to verify that you are indeed part of the school system. To that end, we have to verify your registration info before authorizing access. Please be patient and do check your junk [spam] folder for any emails from us.
  • Is if free? Yes it is. We are funded by generous parents and sponsors. 
  • Is this affiliated with the school or the PTA? Not in the least. This is a site for parents, by parents, and cannot be affiliated with anyone.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us by email at penngrove.ca [at] gmail [dot] com.