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Protect Your Children [Home Network] With Web Content Filtering

Sep 30 2015

With more and more Wi-Fi devices--smartphones, iPods, tablets, gaming consoles--it becomes harder to enable web content filtering for all your computers and devices. However, instead of installing filtering software on each PC and trying to figure out the filtering for each mobile device, you may want to implement a network-wide solution. These can provide filtering at the network-level, which will work on every device, including mobile devices that might not even have filtering capabilities itself.

In this tutorial, we'll discuss a few different network filtering options that can protect your home or small business by blocking adult content, phishing attempts and other dangerous sites. Then we'll go into details on one solution and see how to get started.

These solutions may seem overwhelming on the surface, but in reality they are quite easy to implement, and are the safest way to protect your children. 

Solving Math Problems

Jul 14 2015

Many students expect solutions to come to them quickly and easily and will give up rather than face negative emotions associated with trying the task. Another concern is that they are often unaware of when it is worthwhile to keep on exploring an idea and when it is appropriate to abandon it because it is leading in a wrong direction. They need to know when it is appropriate to use a particular approach and how to recover from making a wrong choice.

How to Make Friends at School

Jul 08 2015

Starting a new school or being placed in a new class causes a lot of stress for our children. That stress permeates into their daily lives and their ability to learn, and to be happy at school.

Here are some helpful hints to get them on the easy road to making friends.

  • Introduce Yourself – Tell them your name and ask for theirs. Share nicknames if you have any.

Your Children, and How to Ask Questions About Their Day

Jul 01 2015

Talking with your kids about school is one of the best ways to engage them and to make their day a part of yours. It is also a great way to start a dialogue that typically carries into other areas of their lives, their thoughts, their dreams and ambitions, and into many other dimensions of their simple yet complex lives.

Asking the right type of question is key. Questions should not be asked such that a YES, NO or O.K. would suffice as an answer.

Don’t ask …

  1. Did you have a nice day?
  2. Was school fun today?
  3. Did you see your friend “Timmy”?
  4. Did anything funny happen at school?

Why Have a Portal? ... Because it's Not The 1950's.

Jun 30 2015

Too often, we found ourselves asking questions, looking for answers, and finding the parents with whom we were speaking had the same questions. We were asking those specific parents because they were the more senior and who had been at the school longer. Three years into it, we still have stupid questions for which we seek a quality answer, or two, or even a head nod from someone. Less often, but still occurring at an alarming rate, we find that we wish to give of ourselves, in the form of time and resources. We make an offer and never hear back from anyone. Is it personal? Are we the only ones? We could only wonder. On the other hand, maybe it’s just an inefficient process, and the school and parents are just out of sync. We think it’s the school communication apparatus. It’s dysfunctional. Here is how most schools, including ours, communicate. They send out one-way bits and pieces of information at [to] us, by way of twitter, text messages, emails and newslett ...

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